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Imraaz Rally
Founder @ Therapy Square

Hi, I am a recent graduate from New Jersey Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science. A Self-motivated coding enthusiast with experience and passion in developing effective, object oriented, readable, and testable code.

*Java C C++ *Python *PHP HTML CSS JavaScript J2EE Spring Laravel MySql SQLite Amazon Web Services (AWS) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Windows Linux
Founder & Full-Stack Developer @ Therapy Square

therapy square
Duration April 2016 - Present
About Therapy Square is a robust and user friendly marketing platform for therapists
PHP Laravel HTML CSS JavaScript MySql
  • Developed the application ground up (front/back/architecture/testing/etc.)
  • Implemented a scalable architecture with the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS) using multiple EC2 servers, RDS for MySQL, S3 for static content, and configured Elastic Load Balance (ELB) to distribute load.
Software Developer Intern @ Kissell Research Group

Duration May 2015 - November 2015 (7+ months)
Web Application Development
PHP Laravel HTML CSS JavaScript MySql
  • Developed a fully functional web-application that performs Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) based on stock data.
  • The application replaces the firm's existing MS Excel based reporting interface by providing a clean and elegant user interface and dynamic data visualizations (tables, graphs, csv/pdf downloads)
  • The program also implements ranking algorithms and other benchmark calculations that provides insights into the performance of the stock brokers, traders, and managers involved.
Data Analysis
Python WinSCP, Windows Batch Scripting
  • Developed a FIX (Financial Information Exchange) file parser.
  • Automated the daily parsing process
  • Developed scripts that performs data analysis on the parsed files in order to flag suspicious financial transactions


Java Apache Commons CLI
  • GreedyGit utilizes GitHub's API to help increase GitHub followers.
Work-Order Processing System for the Automotive Industry

Java EE JSP Spring HTML CSS JavaScript MySql
  • A software solution for Inventory Management (customer profiles, transaction history, parts lookup, SKU lookup, price checks, etc.) and Work-Order Processing System (vehicle maintenance history, cost estimation, billing records, etc.)
  • Followed the MVC architecture and other design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, and Command pattern
Integrated Post Secondary Education System

PHP HTML CSS JavaScript MySql
  • A PHP application that summarizes large database of Colleges & Institutes in United States. Various filtering criteria such as degree level offerings, hospitals, and radius based distance filtering
Codelet: Back-End Developer

  • Codelet is an online testing system similar to CodingBat. The application facilitates the process of designing quizzes/exams for instructors. Students may take quizzes released by the instructor and receive automatically graded feedback!